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Worqx Site History

The Site

Worqx.com... well, it might have been "Works.com" or "WebWorks.com" or some such name had they been available. As it is, this site is meant to act as a means to present my work(s). Worqx.com also offers information about development, an overview of color theory, and links to a variety of external resources regarding both design and development.

Worqx.com is my personal Web site and began in early 1998 as a place to experiment with HTML. I had a few design & development opportunities offered to me in early 1997-98 due to my design background and a personal fascination with the Web medium. This site gave me a place to experiment with various layouts and trends before I used the practices on a client's site. Needing content for the site, I opted to post some of my thesis investigation regarding color theory.

My Background

My own training and background is in architecture. I attended the University of Minnesota; the College of Architecture & Landscape Architecture in the mid- 90's, and presented my architecture thesis: Through Rose Colored Glasses, in the spring of 1998.

In 1997, I began working as a Web designer on a free-lance basis to supplement income, and then later as an employee at the U of MN. I found that there are many similarities of the design process of Web design and 3D spaces of an architect, and the training I was receiving was directly applicable. Both processes involve working with a client, identifying their needs, and finding and providing a technologically sound and visually pleasing solution. A favorite quote of mine reads:

"An architect is someone capable of seeing the main problems of a design, capable of examining with serenity the various possible solutions, and who finally has a thorough grasp of the technical means necessary to accomplish the project."
- Pier Luigi Nervi

I continued on the Web design career path for a few years as a consultant with a local staff augmentation firm. Currently, I work as a senior principle UI/UX designer in the Human Factors area of a large medical device company, and much of my day-to-day work is focused on usability & accessibility.

My Tools

Not having had any formal training in computer science or software development, I learned to code HTML with Notepad—then moved to the WYSIWYG editor: MS Frontpage. I find that I code mostly by hand these days using Textpad, and Adobe's Dreamweaver more often than not. PhotoShop and Illustrator are my creative tools of choice.

This latest revision of worqx.com was designed to utilize the advantages of responsive design. (For more specifics about how this site uses CSS and Media Queries, view the HTML & CSS page.)

Gratuity & Regards

Along the road, many people from various newsgroups and other online communities helped me to master many of the web technologies & work through some of the constantly changing browser differences. This site has acquired a rather large following over the years, and in the spirit of those that previously supported my efforts, I've continued to maintain this site. I hope the information you find here will help with your own quest!