WORQX: Design, resources and tutorials.

Welcome to Worqx; my personal Web site. As a Web designer/developer and color enthusiast, this site presents an overview of my work, information regarding Web design and development, as well as a tutorial regarding Color Theory.

About Worqx

Since early 1996, I have been interested and involved in Web design. Although I trained as an architect, I found an interest in the Web medium and was offered a few design opportunities within the Web industry while in school; I chose this career path rather than staying with 3D/built environments. I am current working as a freelance UX consultant.

The About section of this site contains information about Worqx.com's history, my experiences and observations regarding Responsive Web design techniques and the CSS layout techniques used in this site, as well as links to various development resources & tutorials.

Color Worqx

While attending the University of Minnesota College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (CALA - now simply the College of Design,) I discovered a fascination with color during my studies and found it interesting that color theory was not a part of the general curriculum of an architecture degree. Ultimately, I piggy-backed lessons of color theory on to my architectural thesis investigation. The color tutorial provided in this site is derived from my early thesis discovery. The palette picker is a dhtml tool developed for the investigation of successful color combinations.


There is a wealth of information regarding both color theory and Web development—sometimes it's difficult to know what to read without a recommendation. In the resource section of Worqx.com, I've included the bibliographical references used to write the color tutorial, a number of external links relating to color theory, color mentors, and on-line color tools & software. I've also selected a number of books that I've found useful—related to both color theory topics and Web design and development.

Contact Worqx

If you'd like, feel free to contact me. I welcome any feedback or suggestions to the site. If you have specific questions, note that I try to answer all my mail, but at times it may take me a while. Thank you for understanding!

I hope you enjoy the site!
—Janet L. Ford Shallbetter